Don’t know how to progress. : GYM

18 year old male. 5’08” 190lbs. I’ve been working out for the past 3 years since my sophomore year in high school. When I started I was fat, like obese. I weighed 295 at 15 years old. I got down to 170 when I was 17. I had no muscle and wasn’t toned so I kept at it with the big 3 lifts and I got up to 190 but I feel like I gained no muscle. About a month ago I started a creatine cycle. I eat about 2400 clean calories and can post my data from my fitness pal if someone asks. I take in about 170-190g of protein, 180-200 g of carbs and about 60-80g of fat per day. I also recently got my hormone levels checked and everything was good. I go to the gym about 5 days a week and do mostly compound lifts and some isolation exercises if I feel a muscle is lacking. I also do about 15 minutes of cardio following each day of working out. But hears the thing, I barely even look like I workout. I don’t mean to complain it’s just getting frustrating because I do love the gym and caring about my body but, I’m not seeing any results. Is there anything I am not doing correctly or need to change, or is it just me being impatient. Heres some pictures as to how I look now and I’ll throw in what I looked like when I started incase if anyone is interested. My goal is to look good as well as be proud when I take my shirt off not ashamed.–xEpVmeoU6Drq8t2BtWwOUcgdI5

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