Advice for bulking with a bad back? : GYM

(21M) i hurt my back at the beginning of this year by lifting way too heavy and with poor form, and then being a dumbass and choosing to try to lift a stove onto a hand truck by myself the day afterward. I went to a chiropractor and he said it was just a mild subluxation, and though I think it’s finally coming to a point where it’s fixed (still aches but no more cracking and the pain is extremely reduced compared to how it was at first) I still am extremely nervous to lift past 50 lbs on anything except legs and arms. I have been on a cut pretty much all of this year so far and have spent more time swimming than the gym.

Ive been very happy with the results, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of extra bf I was really displeased with. That said, I really wanna start building some mass now, but I am terrified to hurt my back again. I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but if I can go about bulking safely, I figured I prob needed to seek some advice. Any info would be much appreciated

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