Looking for utility/tool creators to guest on our podcast : cloudcomputing

Hi /r/cloudcomputing, I’m looking for podcast guests who have written cool scripts, tools or apps for managing cloud computing (GCP/AWS/Azure) that make your day to day life easier that are available to the larger community to use.

Podcast: https://www.thecloudpod.net

We had Matt Adorjan as a guest previously the author of http://www.cloudping.co if you want to see what is involved.https://www.thecloudpod.net/podcast/episode-14-elizabeth-warren-votes-to-break-up-the-cloud-pod/

You don’t have to pay to be on the podcast our only ask is that you share the episode you are on with your friends, Twitter, etc. Hopefully, you might even get some great suggestions from the community or pull requests with new features.

We record weekly and have a standing spot for guests and we would love to meet you! DM me or reach out to us via the contact us page on the website.

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