Strength and muscle : GYM

So iam 17 106.5 kg 6-2 tall, hopefully my weight isn’t majority fat. So I want to know can you gain muscle and strength by lifting moderate weight for you. Like I want to improve my squat but I dnt want to lift heavy too much anymore. I do 50 kg on top of the barbell for like 6/7 reps 4 sets. Could I gain muscle and strength if I start primarily doing 40kg on top of barbell so like 10 reps 4 sets and slowly keep increasing the reps to like until I hit 15 reps 4 sets then move onto 50kg and it being easier or … yea might be abit hard to understand but appreciate any advice and shiiiiit. Btw after squats I’ll do the smith machine squats and then leg press.

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