My body is skinny fat rn with about 76 kgs I started gym about 2 weeks ago. My current diet is

Morning: 1 cup coffee with whey protein(low sugar) 150g oats with 150g apples mangoes bananas(no added sugar) 2 eggs

Afternoon: 4 rotis along with 150 *2 g of side dishes(veggies) and some 100g of gravy(usually pulses based)

Evening: 2 slices of bread(palm sized white bread) in vegetable sandwich or 2 bananas and some nuts(usually peanuts, a handful)

Night: 3 rotis with 200g meat and gravy( chicken or lean beef or soybeans)

I typically go to the gym at 7 in the morning eating 1-2 bananas beforehand, drink the coffee-whey protein mix and do upto 10 mins of HIIT workouts after(depending on how much I worked out). Then I take rest for the remainder of the day.

Should I change my diet?

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