Need Workout Tips To Help Reverse Pectus Excavatum! : GYM

So M16 here, I have a chest deformity called “Pectus Excavatum” which is basically having your breast bone pushed inward causing a sunken/funnel chest, this also cause your ribs to flare out towards the bottom. PE also is known to round the shoulders forward. This for me has caused my pecks to always feel tight & my chest has developed with an upward tilt and outward towards my arms. I’ve currently been moderately working out since the 7th grade to try to reverse the effects of my condition, yet this year I’m giving it 100% for a complete transformation. I know I have to work extra hard on ab development as those with PE have a weaker core than normal individuals.

Are there any specialty forms or excercises that would help reverse the effects of PE? Also those who have PE, would you care to share any stretches that help create a brace effect to pull the sunken breastbone outward?

I’ve included a link to photos of my current physical state, if you see anything else I need to work on let me know.

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