Workout Plan : GYM

I am 17 years old, 6 ft 1 and 70kg, I am at the moment in the process of gaining weight, so I can turn it into muscle. I have recently decided to buy a set of adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable weight bench, in the near future I am planning on buying bar bell and plates, power rack and a pull down machine, but for the mean time I have come to reddit to ask for help with a workout plan for the things I have at the moment, and in the near future, will ask for a workout plan for all the things I will have, but for now, I am needing a workout for just dumbbell exercises, with an adjustable weight bench, seeing that, most of my body is needing work on, and I am not particularly strong, I feel a full body workout each day, would be suitable, I am planning on working out 4 times a week, with 3 days rest to allow for rest, and for muscle growth. could someone please help me with a workout plan for each day, and can consist of amount of reps/sets, I am a total beginner so need as much help with it as possible,

Many thanks for anyone that can help with this.

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