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I am currently a member of better gym in Romford in the UK. I have been since January I never really had a routine set up just sort of done a bit of cardio and used any of the machines that were available like the chest press etc. Recently I have used a website called and it has given me a workout routine. This is what I have got: (core is the same every day)

Monday – Sholders & triceps

Tuesday – Back

Thursday – Legs

Saturday- Chest & biceps

The exercises that uses machines on here I’m a pretty fine with, apart from waiting for other people to finish on them always feel weird waiting around by the lockers or the water fountain.

My problem comes when using the weights section of the gym and even the mat area where people do like sit ups and stuff. I don’t really know why I think it might be the fear of using the equipment wrongly or taking up space of other people in the area.

If anyone has any tips on how to gain the confidence to use these areas so I can complete the above workouts that would be great. Thanks.

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