I was 133LBS on Monday now i’m 136 today. (Wednesday) why? : GYM

Last summer I began lifting and I was gaining muscle. Then school started and I had work also and things kinda got fucked up and I got pretty fat. During the summer I got skinny because I was smoking a lot of dab carts and I kinda lost motivation and I ended up losing 17 pounds. I was mostly eating small meals and oatmeal. My friends tell me I have to eat more now and my arms got really thinner. So I quit smoking and went back to the gym bc I felt like a piece of shit. I was 133 Monday. I did Biceps and Triceps. I also went out with my friends and ate Burger King (thats the only junk food i’ve eaten this week) but I ended up not finishing it. Tuesday I did chest but i didnt check my weight. Today I did back and I’m 136.4LBS. I’ve been eating a lot of protein food (like chicken and rice, boiled eggs with no yolk, 1 protein shake a day, oatmeal, greek yogurt, etc). Why did I gain so much weight tho? I did drink a lot of water. Could it be that? Or the food i’ve been eating?

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