Compliments at the gym

I (25F) was bench pressing my max today. After I was done with my last set the man on the leg press next to me said, "you'll be ready for the quarter weights in no time, your form is excellent". That compliment made me realize how far I've come. For the past 10months I've been working really hard to learn good form when performing exercises. I watch a lot of fitness YouTubers like athleanx, Jeremy Ethier, and Jeff Nippard for fitness advice.

I wanted to post this because it meant so much to me to hear that compliment. I'd like to encourage others to compliment and motivate people at the gym (in a non creepy way of course).

TL;DR Was complimented about my form today at the gym, please encourage and compliment others because it was really nice to be acknowledge for the hard work I've been putting in.

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