Balancing lifting with sports (I need advice) : GYM

I know my way around a weight room decently well but I’m still kind of scrawny because I haven’t had enough time to work out on a consistent schedule. I’m turning 16 in three weeks, and once I get a car I’m going to start taking boxing lessons and lifting to get a lot stronger. So far, after considering the rest of my schedule, I’ve decided that boxing lessons will be on Monday and Wednesday and that I’ll go to the gym once a week on Friday and hit every muscle group in one session and then taking the weekend to recover. Like I said before, I’m reeeeally inexperienced, so I want to make sure I’m doing this right. Is once a week enough to build muscle? Should I be working everything in one day or dispersing workouts throughout the week? Any advice in general regarding balancing workouts with sports on your own would be greatly appreciated.

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