Where to begin? An introduction. : GYM

Hey all. New here. My wife and I started CICO in May. I originally set my goal as 220 lbs. I’m 62lbs down(223). I think I’ve hit my plateau though. I just can’t get to where I wanted strictly counting calories.

I haven’t been working out I’ve lost all my weight by only counting calories. That being said I was going to start working out when I got to my original goal. But that’s proving to be not an option.

I’ve looked at several gyms near me and LA Fitness is closest and nicest. I don’t have a problem paying for a membership. I have a problem paying for a membership and sign up fee and an annual fee. Any tips on how to get around any of those? I believe that my health insurance (BCBS) has discounted prices if that helps.

Any luck with those active and fit direct memberships? Or something similar if you know about any thing. It appears that you can only sign up with an outside link. Any ideas or sug would be appreciated.

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