Splits vs total body workouts for training 3 times a week? : GYM

Hi there. I’m a 17 yo male, have been going to the gym 3 times a week for about 3.5 months and am a bit stuck on what workout routine I should do. After a month of figuring out how stuff works I’ve been following this split( more or less) : Mondays and Thursdays – upper body with focus on chest and arms Fridays – legs and back Lately though, I’ve been told that doing back+legs is a terrible idea and that for my level of advancement total body workout would be better. So what do you think guys, what should I do? And if I’m supposed to do total body, what exercises should I perform not to miss out on any muscle group or spend 3 hours at the gym? Also wanted to note that I’m rather on the skinny side as I’ve been doing sports for quite some time now and would rather want to go for a more athletic physique than for an extremely ripped one. Hope this isn’t too similar to other questions.

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